The Cancer Champions mission is to build an empowering community where cancer survivors receive physical, mental, and emotional support through our customized fitness, nutrition, and wellness programs, as well as private, one-on-one coaching for all members.


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…individuals who are currently undergoing cancer treatment, or who have recently completed treatment. Your needs are different now, so you need a program that understands how you should be eating and exercising.

At Cancer Champions, we know the importance of quality nutrition and fitness, especially during this difficult time. Our recipe library consists of many different cuisines, ingredients, flavors, and colors so you can always find a delicious and nutritious recipe to fit your preferences. These are just a few examples of what we provide:


Specialized Exercise Videos
Fitness videos designed for the unique physical needs of those battling cancer.
Cancer Fighting Recipes
350+ recipes formulated with cancer-fighting ingredients to help you through treatment and rebuild your strength.
Private, Personalized Coaching
One-on-one coaching to help you achieve your goals and stay on track.
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jen damian kitchen food prep
Member Calls with Jen and Damian
Recorded and live calls with Jen, Damian, and a range of experts, covering cancer-related topics.
A Community of Cancer Champions
Join us with lifetime access to the Cancer Champions Facebook community.
The Mindset of a Champion
Everything can be extra challenging during this time. Try our mindset videos to bring some calm to your day.
Treatment-friendly workouts:
Access to:
Mindfulness techniques for:


Treatment-friendly workouts:


Access to:


Mindfulness techniques for:
Ready To Get Started?

You recognize the value of good health—probably more than the average person. You want to treat your body the absolute best you can because you have a whole new appreciation for it.

So, how much is improving your health worth to you? What about increasing your energy levels every day? How much is getting fitter and stronger worth to you? How much is it worth to enjoy customized nutrition advice?

You’re right, a simple, healthy lifestyle is worth a lot! Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost a lot.


Choose The Cancer Champion Plan That’s Works For You


Initial - $197 Intake Call*,
then only



*We highly recommend the initial Intake Call to create your personalized nutrition and workout program, but it is not required to join.

What Our Members Say About Us

With the caring support of Jen and the resources available through the website, I became stronger and determined to engage in the workouts that were healthy and positive. I felt empowered! Peer support is invaluable as one moves forward through many treatments necessary to slay this dragon. From treatment to survivorship, the Cancer Champion Team were there to stand with me. Their knowledge of nutrition and fitness necessary for my health, continues to be a valuable resource for me.
Maureen Poole
I was feeling weak and did not have any energy after years of treatment and many surgeries. Jen’s encouragement to start with a little movement at a beginner level videos and Damian’s guidance with food choices and menu options proved to work! I struggled with fatigue and strength because I wasn’t moving or giving my body food that provided me with energy, I felt results within 2 weeks! Jen and Damian are accessible and provide a community of support to live our healthiest life!
Cindy Ditler
Members, who are in various stages of recovery or who are focused on remaining healthy, are invited to weekly group chats led by Jennifer and Damien where information is shared, questions answered, and support offered. The carefully leveled exercises give each participant options to regain and keep strength by gently pushing through the exhaustion of recovery. Extensive meal plans, recipes, and ingredient descriptions are a large focus of this program with a whole food approach. Jennifer and Damian are experts who are enthusiastic and dedicated to building a close community for people who are looking for a proactive way to take on the challenge of cancer.
Ginni Davis
I had just finished my chemo treatment and wanted to get back to having energy, feeling strong and healthy. I started exercising with Jen and eating healthier with Damian’s guidance. I’ve learned a lot about foods and their benefits. I noticed within 3 weeks the difference it made to exercise and eat healthy.
Guillermina Perez
Brent Burkholder testimonial photo
When I was first diagnosed with cancer, Jen, Damian, and their team provided me with expert guidance for my particular fitness and nutrition needs. Their input has been invaluable in my recovery after surgery and sustaining my continued road to health. Most importantly, being part of Cancer Champion Fitness has empowered me to take an active role in my care and made me part of a community who care about, appreciate, and support each other.
Brent Burkholder