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3 Tips to becoming a Cancer Champion Fitness-Mindset-Nutrition

Did you know that Exercise reduces fatigue? It is counterintuitive right? But it is true, research has found that cancer patients who exercised regularly had 40% to 50% less fatigue. Engaging in regular exercise increases muscle strength, joint flexibility and general conditioning, all of which may be impaired by surgery and some therapies. Exercise is known to improve cardiovascular function and to protect bones. It also elevates mood, offering drug-free relief for the feelings of depression that may accompany a cancer diagnosis. Finally, exercise helps control weight — a crucial factor, as studies have shown that gaining weight during and after treatment raises the risk of a cancer recurrence, particularly for breast, colon and prostate cancers. So, what does that mean to you?  It means that 15 minutes of exercise in one day can make you feel better and less tired. I am not saying you have to go run a few miles. You can stay in the comfort of your home, log into the cancer champion program, choose your 15-minute program and begin your journey to feeling better. Nutrition If cancer is discovered in your body, dietary choices can contribute to slower progression of the disease, better tolerance of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, and longer survival times. There are so many nutrition options out there it is overwhelming, our weekly tips will break down the importance of nutrition in your cancer journey, for example:

Eat your sprouts!  Did you know that broccoli sprouts contain a phytochemical called sulforaphane? Sulforaphane originates in the seed and has potent anti-cancer benefits.  1 teeny tiny sprout contains all the sulforaphane present in a full broccoli plant!  #amazing #foodismedicine Other possibilities? <Click here> to see how easy it is to grow your own. No green thumb required! <Click here> for best ways to enjoy broccoli sprouts. 

By joining our community, you will feel better, live better and possibly live longer Multiple studies have shown that having social relationships and being a part of a group can greatly improve quality of life. Those that are more socially involved have lower health risks, a lower mortality rate, lower risk of heart disease and a potentially increased rate of recovery in cancer patients. Additionally, many studies have shown that by joining a group (any group) of people in their cancer journey you can reduce anxiety and stress, emotional distress, fatigue and pain as well as improve mood, self-image, ability to cope with stress and an overall feeling of control. Our group will be a safe place to share experiences and connect with other people that are navigating the same challenges related to cancer. It is so important to have “your people”. We will work together through your treatments, your frustrations, your successes, your fear and ultimately, we will work together as a community to make you a cancer champion.