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About Alfredo Barreto

I got my start in the fitness world by accident, when my mom made me attend a Zumba class with her. At first, I was that awkward, stiff, embarrassed guy in the back. It took a few of those horrid classes before I got in my groove. Soon, I realized that I enjoyed dancing, and the instructor saw something in me and encouraged me to get my Zumba certification.

Fast forward to today, where I am a fitness professional, having earned personal training and fitness credentials through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

The journey to be fit and healthy is different for every single person. I understand that health and fitness is not “one size fits all.” I enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to support and encourage those on a quest to live a healthy lifestyle. I have worked with everyone from student athletes aspiring to achieve greater stamina and agility, to aging adults who are concerned about bone density, stability and strength. No matter what the motivation is for my clients, I am committed to helping them fulfill their desire to live a healthier lifestyle — while having fun in the process.