About Amber Susa

I am the founder and owner of Allomi, a sanctuary for holistic health and healing. When I met Jen, I knew we were meant to work together to improve the lives of those looking to prevent cancer, or to mitigate the effects of treatment and live a healthy life after cancer.

Growing up as an actress and dancer, I was naturally drawn to creative expression, storytelling and performing. I have spent the last two decades in the fitness industry, and have been an entrepreneur for the last 10 years. After becoming a mother, severe low back pain led me to a meditation practice and spiritual journey and saw me opening Allomi (all-of-me). I believe my experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, fitness expert, holistic health coach, inspirational speaker, writer, and spiritual teacher helps me meaningfully connect with people and encourage behaviors that bring positive impacts.

At Cancer Champions, I am dedicated to sharing my experience and to inspiring others to live their best life. My desire and intention is to elevate community through movement, meditation and mindfulness.