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About Nancy Ledesma

Nancy Ledesma is a mother, chef, immigrant, entrepreneur, and dog lover. Born in Mexico, she moved to the United States at age 5 and began kindergarten. As with many families, the kitchen table served as a place where everyone could gather, talk about the day, tell stories, and generally spend time together. As a result, Nancy fell in love with cooking at an early age. She eventually decided to pursue several opportunities in the restaurant and food service businesses, including opening a food truck as well as an instructional cooking website focused on the traditional flavors of Mexico. 

Nancy understands the importance of eating food that tastes great and is enjoyable, but more importantly that the food we eat plays a critical role in the battle against cancer. Delicious and nutritious food is a core component of Cancer Champions, but it is also important for members to have familiarity with the ingredients used and meals prepared. Nancy is looking forward to the opportunity to help broaden the cultural diversity of Cancer Champions recipes so they are more inclusive of Spanish speaking members, while maintaining the highest standards of nutritional value. 

Nancy is the proud mother of three beautiful children and two dogs, and in her spare time continues to pursue the perfection of the classic Mexican cooking she grew up on.