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You’re Exercising – You Can Expect Some “Pain”

Dr. Jeff Metheny      Studies have repeatedly documented the many beneficial effects of exercise for people with cancer, no matter what stage or severity. Exercising daily has proven to be a no-drug, no/low cost, adaptable prescription that increases muscle and bone strength, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, respiration and oxygen exchange, mitigates fatigue, anxiety, and

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Communicating Pain

Dr. Jeff Metheny     Let’s talk about what pain is, and how to communicate it in an effective way. Pain is a noxious stimulus resulting from an irritation or damage to tissue that is sensed by local nerve receptors and transmitted rapidly by afferent nerves to pain centers in the brain which register the “ouch.”

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Finding Motivation to Work Out

Before you do anything, take some time today to CELEBRATE yourself. The fact that you opened this blog tells me you are motivated. Let’s take this slowly. First and foremost, don’t worry about the past, it is done and don’t get too far ahead of yourself, focus on what you want to achieve in the

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Happy Birthday dedication to Ann Murray Paige

Happy birthday Ann Murray Paige, you are missed more than you could have ever imagined. Your inspiration to live life to the fullest, even (and especially) while fighting so courageously against cancer lives on. I will never forget the day we sat in the infusion center and you looked me and said, “it is not

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3 Tips to becoming a Cancer Champion Fitness-Mindset-Nutrition

Did you know that Exercise reduces fatigue? It is counterintuitive right? But it is true, research has found that cancer patients who exercised regularly had 40% to 50% less fatigue. Engaging in regular exercise increases muscle strength, joint flexibility and general conditioning, all of which may be impaired by surgery and some therapies. Exercise is known to

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Self-care for the Caregiver: Fitness

It’s an understatement to say that caregivers have a lot on their plates: assisting with personal care, transportation to doctor’s appointments, food preparation, medication management…the list goes on. And here’s the irony: caregivers need care too! We know it can be difficult to find the time for self-care, but it’s important to remember that your own wellness is still

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