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Meet Our Coaches/Mentors

Our incredible team of Coaches/Mentors are here to support you in the ways that work for you, including being your “accountability partner”. For Coaches/Mentors and members who live near each other, your Coach/Mentor can be your walking buddy or conversation-over-coffee pal. Your Coach/Mentor will never judge you or your feelings, and will always support you. This amazing group of Coaches/Mentors all have firsthand experience with cancer, whether as a survivor or a caregiver, and they know the importance of having a support team. They volunteer their time to help our members live happier and healthier on their respective cancer journeys, and they can’t wait to meet you!

Suzanne Ade

Brent Burkholder

Ginni Davis

Mark Davis

Chelsea Hubbard

Evelyn Chioma Joseph

Gail Kennedy

Nancy Ledesma

Erin Ochoa

Lesley Philipps

Alyssa Richards

JoAnn Stodden