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Finding Motivation to Work Out

Before you do anything, take some time today to CELEBRATE yourself. The fact that you opened this blog tells me you are motivated. Let’s take this slowly. First and foremost, don’t worry about the past, it is done and don’t get too far ahead of yourself, focus on what you want to achieve in the next week. Success happens with goal setting, planning, preparation and mindset. Following are 6 tips to help you reach your fitness goals.
1. Remember why you started
Whether it was your oncologist or physician’s recommendation, a friend or family member or if you happened upon us while searching the web, remember what made you push the “join” button. For some Cancer Champion was the answer to “what should I eat?” or “I need to exercise but I don’t know what to do and I don’t like gyms”, for others it was the need for a community of people that understood — so when you are working on keeping the motivation, remember why you started in the first place, and ask yourself if you really want to start all over again. Read on to discover more suggestions on how to be successful in this program.
Consider scheduling this week’s workouts right now. Whether it is 10 minutes or 60 minutes, schedule something in every day. People often ask what the best time of day to exercise, and there have been countless studies done on this topic. I often suggest exercising first think in the morning because you are much less apt to have scheduling conflicts. But if you are not an early riser, find time at lunch or in the evening; all in all, the best time to work out is whenever you can. If you exercise at different times of the day, be sure to note the hour as you’re tracking your progress. That way, you’ll know when your body clock may be to blame for a less-than-optimal workout.
Since your diagnosis, how many times have you had someone say, “is there anything I can do?”. I promise, this isn’t lip service. People want to help! If you are struggling to get motivated, take someone you trust up on their offer. Someone who will join you and cheer you on throughout your workout. Just when you think you can’t possibly do another minute; your pal is there to say you can—and you do. By doing this you are ensuring you will get your work out in, allowing a loved one to connect with you and helping them get a great work out in as well.
Start by writing down small goals for yourself, maybe it’s completing the 10 minutes seated work out, or doing 10 triceps dips. This way, you’ll feel accomplished every time you do a work out video. There is a lot to be said for baby steps but stay with it when it gets hard. When you are not feeling like doing a long, hard workout, know that even 5 to 10 minutes is better than nothing. After each work out note how you feel. Give yourself details, “I did 10 squats and 5 knee push-ups, my legs got tired after the 8th rep but I made it to 10. Felt great when I was done” and then maybe you make next week’s goal 12 squats. You get my point. This will be a great method to utilize for months to come.
Take a minute to stop and celebrate your successes, no matter how small you consider them. Don’t be shy about sharing these successes with friends and family. It’s great to remind each other of how far we have come. Even if you start small, every step in the right direction is worth celebrating. Over time, adjust your celebrations to match your pace and maintain your motivation. During treatment your milestone may be different as you adjust to accommodate your energy levels. Think of fun rewards for yourself as well. Try to stay away from using food as a reward. Instead try something like a new workout outfit, a massage, or a fun trip with a friend or loved one. It’s important to celebrate your growing strength and wellness and help keep yourself motivated!
Practicing self-love is difficult for many yet so important. When we truly love ourselves, it is easier to accept our weaknesses as well as our strengths. When you begin to doubt yourself, or your self-talk becomes negative, stop and find the same compassion for yourself as you would for someone you love…and then remind yourself that you love yourself just as much as them.