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When your oncologist says you need to exercise, is your first thought, “I am just too tired”? It may require considerable effort to get up and move around, but increasing your physical activity may actually reduce fatigue. Studies show that cancer patients who exercise are less tired and depressed and sleep better than patients who don’t exercise.


 With so much confusing information out there, Cancer Champions will provide the critical basics of nutrition while fighting or recovering from cancer. You will receive a 30 day meal plan that includes cancer fighting ingredients and healing foods. If you do not want to follow the custom plan, there are a variety of individual recipes, hand picked by our nutritionist, available in the members area. Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to join a live weekly call with Jen and our nutrition consultant, Damian. The calls are intended to bring the members of the Cancer Champions community together. They are a great way to stay up to date on the most current nutritional and lifestyle literature, receive tips on how to implement a whole foods diet into your busy schedule, and connect with other members of our community.


 Physical activity may have beneficial effects on overall health-related quality of life and on specific quality-of-life issues, including body image/self-esteem, emotional well-being, sexuality, sleep disturbance, social functioning, anxiety, fatigue, and pain. In a 2012 meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials examining physical activity in cancer survivors, physical activity was found to reduce fatigue and depression and to improve physical functioning, social functioning, and mental health.


 If the idea of walking into a gym is overwhelming you are not alone. Cancer Champions provides a safe, at-home workout that you can do any time of the day.

 This is a common and understandable fear for most people. Jen is a certified Medical Exercise Specialist, with a specialty in cancer. The Cancer Champions program is designed to meet you where you are in your cancer journey. With weekly live video check-in calls and the option of a one-on-one live call with Jen will address any concerns.


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