April 2022 Fundraiser

Make A Difference

Please join Kristin Bertolina Faust, Kim Eichorn, Tatiana Peshevska, Kate Stille, Carri Ziegler, and many friends at an April 2, 2022 fundraiser, to support Cancer Champion Fitness, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Jen Miramontes.

Cancer Champion Fitness provides cancer fighters and survivors, as well as their friends and loved ones, with online fitness videos, cancer-fighting recipes, mindset and yoga routines, and a supportive online community of like-minded members via a private Facebook group.

When and Where

Saturday, April 2, 2022
3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Tandem Properties
3500 Anderson Rd

Davis, CA 95616

In the interest of hosting a safe and responsible fundraising event, reservations will be limited and fully vaccinated/boosted status is requested in order to attend. Single tickets for the event are $100 each, and donations of $360 or more include two (2) tickets.

Cancer Champion Fitness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your contributions are tax-deductible.

To be listed as a Friend of Cancer Champion Fitness on the event invitation, please make a contribution of $360 or more by 5:00 PM (PST) on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022. Your donation of $360 or more includes two (2) tickets to the event. If you would like to make a donation but cannot attend the event, please choose ‘Custom’ and select zero tickets.

Friends of Cancer Champion Fitness

Champion ($5,000+)

  • Donor: JoAnn Stodden(In Honor Of: Maureen Poole)
  • Donor: Liz Applegate & Jeff Matheny(In Honor Of: Lindsay Nedwin)
  • Donor: Nancy & Bill Roe, Tandem Properties
  • Donor: Ron & Mary Brown, Brown Construction, Inc.(In Honor Of: Dottie Brown)

Superstar ($1,080+)

  • Donor: Kim Eichorn, Lyon Real Estate(In Honor Of: Jacque Scott)
  • Donor: Mary & Harris Liu
  • Donor: Syreeta & Marc Ross
  • Donor: Kate & Eric Stille, Nugget Markets
  • Donor: A Room of Our Own Massage
  • Donor: Brent Burkholder & Debra Cannon
  • Donor: Jan Poole & Roger Gambatese(In Honor Of: Maureen Poole)
  • Donor: Jim & Lucinda Childress
  • Donor: Helen Chew & Mark Henderson(In Honor Of: Ann Murray Paige)
  • Donor: Ellen Jane Lange

Friend ($360+)

  • Donor: Matthew Bachman(In Honor Of: Mark Bachman)
  • Donor: Carri C. Ziegler
  • Donor: Janet S. Berry
  • Donor: Kimberly Kinnee
  • Donor: Jeni Veale & Michael Meads(In Honor Of: Joanne Piazza)
  • Donor: Georgia Rosenblum
  • Donor: Cathy & Chuck Farman
  • Donor: Leslie & Mike Silver(In Honor Of: Larry Goyette)
  • Donor: Nathan Kuppermann & Nicole Glaser(In Honor Of: Aron Kuppermann)
  • Donor: Pat & Tony Philipps(In Honor Of: Robert Agee)
  • Donor: Jeanine Holdener
  • Donor: Tammy Tujo
  • Donor: Tatiana Peshevska
  • Donor: Judy & David Reuben(In Honor Of: Karen Nielsen)
  • Donor: Mary & Jeff Nicholson
  • Donor: Suzanne & Chris Ade(In Honor Of: Maureen Poole)
  • Donor: John & Lesli Chuck
  • Donor: Diane Parro
  • Donor: Marilyn S. Townsend(In Honor Of: Tatiana Peshevska)
  • Donor: Craig & Cindy Gnos
  • Donor: Pete Craig
  • Donor: Kristin & Michael Faust
  • Donor: Susan Thomas(In Honor Of: Joanna Dunlap Cowden)
  • Donor: Fran Gibson(In Honor Of: Maggie Gibson)
  • Donor: Kristina Wiley(In Honor Of: Clare Wiley)
  • Donor: Frank & Joanne Ramos
  • Donor: Carol & Bill Elms
  • Donor: Regina Rosenzweig & Kara Dollahite(In Honor Of: Ann Murray Paige)
  • Donor: Emily & Isaac Kim
  • Donor: Lynn & Keith Volkerts(In Honor Of: Lena Valente, Barbara Volkerts)
  • Donor: Keirsten Taillon
  • Donor: Ginni Davis
  • Donor: Sue Smith
  • Donor: Samantha Ballard, OneHope Wine
  • Donor: Tom & Stacy Welsh(In Honor Of: Don Koopman)
  • Donor: Mark & Jennifer McNece
  • Donor: Suzie Bier
  • Donor: Dion Wiedenhoefer
  • Donor: Toni Smith(In Honor Of: Suzanne Boyden)
  • Donor: Laura Long
  • Donor: Vince & Linda Bernacchi
  • Donor: Colleen & Mark Martin, Collegiate Studios Photography
  • Donor: Gail Kennedy
  • Donor: Annie and Andy Hargadon(In Honor Of: Alexis Dane)
  • Donor: Cindy and John McCarthy
  • Donor: Dick and Judy Dowell(In Honor Of: Mary Parker)


  • Donor: Leslie Hunter
  • Donor: Jamie Buffington
  • Donor: Michelle Bushnell
  • Donor: Narmina & Erol Layiktez
  • Donor: Karen Sandler
  • Donor: Sonia Miller
  • Donor: Tina Laughlin
  • Donor: Lori & Jim McElligott
  • Donor: Julie Murdoch
  • Donor: Judy Davis
  • Donor: Elena Pehlke
  • Donor: Jean Moore(In Honor Of: Joanna Dunlap Cowden)
  • Donor: Lisa Luth
  • Donor: Alison & Andy Broaddus
  • Donor: Sheila Herd
  • Donor: Sandra Johnson(In Honor Of: Joanna Dunlap Cowden)
  • Donor: Rebecca Rogoway(In Honor Of: Joanna Dunlap Cowden)
  • Donor: Leah Thiel
  • Donor: Todd & Jen Barth(In Honor Of: Matt Rubinstein)
  • Donor: JOELLEN WELSCH(In Honor Of: Adrienne Salvas Anderson)
  • Donor: Repower Yolo
  • Donor: Wendy Allen
  • Donor: Kerry Hickerson(In Honor Of: Joane Nelson)
  • Donor: Paul Johnson and Jennifer May
  • Donor: Alfredo Barreto
  • Donor: Gayle Barry
  • Donor: Nancy & Ashley Yudin